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Subsidised Transport

Please note that your account is not covered by MEDICARE.

Pensioners/Veterans' Affairs/Health Care Card Holders

If you held one of these cards at the time of ambulance transport you are entitled to transport services free of charge. Complete the Pension/Veterans' Affairs/Health Care Card section on the back of your invoice and return it to Ambulance as soon as possible. Do not pay this account.

Private Health Fund Membership/State Ambulance Insurance Plan

An ambulance levy is included as part of basic hospital coverage with a registered health fund. If you have basic hospital or 'ambulance only' insurance with a health fund please contact them for advice on how to pay this account. Do not pay this account before contacting your health fund.

If you contribute to the State Ambulance Insurance Plan please completethe Private Health Fund/State Ambulance Plan section on the back of your invoice and forward to your fund for processing. Do not pay this account.

NSW Pensioner Residents Only

The NSW Government covers the cost of ambulance transport by the Queensland or South Australian Ambulance Services. NSW pensioners who have received an invoice from the Queensland Ambulance Service or the South Australian Ambulance Service can arrange payment or claim reimbursement for emergency services using the claim form provided.

Interstate Visitors

South Australian Residents Only - Phone (08) 8274 0432 or (08) 8274 0440 regarding this account. Queensland Residents Only - Phone 1300 369 003.

All other States (not SA or Qld) - Complete the Interstate Ambulance Coverage section on the back of your invoice and send it to your State's ambulance service.

Workers' Compensation/Third Party Insurance

If this invoice relates to a workplace injury or motor vehicle accident complete the Workers' Compensation/Third Party Insurance section of your invoice and return the bottom portion to Ambulance. Send the top portion of your invoice to the insurance company or your employer. Do not pay this account.

School/Group Contributions

(Please note - the school scheme only covers school pupils)
School/group subscribers are offered free transport only if no other form of coverage (pension/health fund) is available to the injured person.

If this invoice is covered by a school/group contribution, contact the secretary of the school/group who will provide the contributor number. Enter this number within the School/Group Contribution section of your invoice and return to Ambulance. Do not pay this account.

> ASNSW Schools Cover Policy January 2013

090323 subsidised transport Medicare does not cover the cost of the provision of ambulance services. However, some ambulance services are provided free of charge to people who fall into the following categories listed on this page, provided, at the time of receiving ambulance services, they were in receipt of a benefit entitlement.