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School Children - Be An Ambulance Hero Dial Zero Zero Zero Program

The Be An Ambulance Hero - Dial Zero Zero Zero school education program has been designed for Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 students (ages 5-8 years). It has been developed in consultation with and endorsed by the NSW Department of Education, Catholic Education Commission and Association of Independent Schools. The program is available to all NSW primary schools and is a non-compulsory free program.

The program assists teachers educate children on the following topics:

  • Simple decision making skills
  • The difference between a little accident and a big accident, including how to identify an unconscious person
  • Understanding how to call an ambulance in an emergency
  • The emergency number in Australia - Zero, Zero, Zero (000)
  • Increase the number of children able to effectively call for an ambulance in an emergency
  • Develop the confidence and skills necessary for children to be able to call an ambulance in an emergency and answer questions asked by the Triple Zero (000) call takers.

To get your school involved in this free program, follow these easy steps:

Program resources

Ambulance Hero Teacher Resource Booklet

The teacher resource booklet can be used to teach the safe living element of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE), a mandatory part of the curriculum taught at all schools. The booklet is linked to curriculum indicators and outcomes. The duration of the program, including roleplay, is approximately 60 minutes and can be adapted to different classroom situations depending on age and time available.

The resource booklet enables teachers to deliver the following lessons:

  • Recognising an emergency - Explained using terms such as 'big accidents' and 'little accidents' to understand the types of situations that require an ambulance.
  • What to do in an emergency - Identifying an unconscious person and finding assistance from appropriate helpers.
  • Calling an ambulance - Call Triple Zero (000) in a medical emergency.
  • What happens when you call an ambulance - Understanding the standard set of questions asked by ambulance call takers.
  • Calling Triple Zero (000) roleplay - Students practice calling Triple Zero (000) based on a number of different emergency scenarios.

Download the ambulance_hero_teacher_resource_kit [PDF, 402,263kB]

Ambulance Hero Flashcards

A set of five flashcards (A3 in size) can be used as visual teaching aids to assist teachers explain different medical emergency scenarios - referred to as a 'little accident' or a 'big accident'. The scenarios include falling out of a tree, a person unable to be woken, falling off a bike, breathing difficulties and a cut finger.

Download the ambulance hero flashcards [PDF, 1,009,043kB]

Ambulance Hero Certificate

Once you have completed the program, click on the link below and download the 'Certificate of Completion' for the students to take home.

Download the certificate of completion [PDF, 177,603kB]

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