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Pre-school Children - Emergency Helpers Program

It is important that every person understands how and when to call for emergency services, regardless of age. Early childhood settings provide the perfect platform for important educational messages and provide a safe learning environment for children to understand these messages. It is often the case that children are responsible for dialling Zero Zero Zero in an emergency and become solely responsible for directing the ambulance.

As a pre-cursor to the Be an Ambulance Hero: Dial Zero Zero Zero primary school education program, the Ambulance Emergency Helpers Program aims to prepare children between the ages of 3-5 years for emergency situations. This free electronic program includes the following program lessons:

  • How to identify an emergency service worker
  • The number to call in an emergency
  • The importance of learning your home address


Visits by paramedics to child care facilities and primary schools are undertaken on a limited basis, however, from time to time our staff may volunteer to provide presentations in their local area. Our primary focus is the delivery of emergency pre-hospital health care and transport services.

Listen to the Hooley Dooleys tm 'Zero Zero Zero' Theme Song
Kids Stuff

Program resources

Emergency Helpers Teacher Resource Booklet

Introduction Letter

The teacher resource booklet can be used to deliver the emergency helpers program and contains the following lessons:

  • Asking for help
  • Recognising emergency service workers and the difference between paramedics, police and fire
  • The number to call in an emergency - Triple Zero (000)
  • Knowing where you live


Download the booklet [PDF, 1,423,067kB]

Memory card game

For information on how to play the emergency services memory card game download our Tips for role play and games

  • Memory card game
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Personal Contact Card
  • Certificate of Completion

Download the memory game [PDF, 466,954kB]

Download the faq [PDF, 893,391kB]

Download the personal contact card [PDF, 169,861kB]

Download the emergency helper certificate [PDF, 1,401,421kB]

Emergency Helper Flashcards

A set of 12 flashcards (A4 in size) can be used as visual teaching aids to assist teachers explain the difference between ambulance, police and fire. Topics include uniforms, equipment and vehicles.

Download the flashcards [PDF, 1,499,626kB]

090701ridge Ambulance is committed to assisting the community create safer and healthier environments and outcomes by making prevention everyone’s business.

A number of innovative community education programs have been implemented to assist identify life threatening conditions, understand what to do in an emergency and the importance of adopting illness prevention strategies.