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Newborns - First Steps Program

A campaign to assist new parents in a medical emergency

The First Steps campaign is an emergency phone card that outlines information required by ambulance call takers so that the most appropriate response can be taken to your emergency. It also gives parents and carers the information they need to give to attending Paramedics.

Calling Triple Zero (000) is the one phone call parents hope never to have to make. NSW Ambulance has developed a resource to help ease parents anxiety in a medical emergency.


Program resources

First Steps Emergency Phonecard

The Emergency Phone Card aims to:

  • reassure new parents that in a medical emergency they should call Triple Zero (000) for an ambulance;
  • familiarise parents with the questions they may be asked when calling for an ambulance to make the collection of information easier for the call taker; and
  • Inform parents of the type of information that paramedics will require when they arrive on scene to help treat the child

Download the First Steps emergency phone card FOR WEB 2016 [PDF, 359,427kB]

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A number of innovative community education programs have been implemented to assist identify life threatening conditions, understand what to do in an emergency and the importance of adopting illness prevention strategies.