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Retirees - Life Live It Save It Program

The LIFE...Live It Save It program is a community education program that was developed to educate over 55 retirees recognise and deal effectively with medical emergencies.

The results of our community consultation discovered an alarmingly low level of understanding or lack of urgency concerning medical emergencies. We also found the three main reasons people aged 55 over don't undertake life-saving courses are time, cost and exams/assessments.

The program is free to all community clubs in New South Wales who cater to retirees, only takes one hour to complete and there are no exams or tests. It is a self-learning program designed to be facilitated by community members in a group environment. The program's key objectives are:

  • Early recognition of signs and symptoms of medical emergencies
  • Calling Triple Zero (000) immediately for an ambulance
  • Following ambulance calltaker instructions

Also included in the LIFE .... Live It Save It program is a short practical component and discussion time.

Since its rollout in 2007, over 5,000 community members have participated in the program with enthusiastic feedback received. An independent evaluation was conducted in late 2008 with findings revealing that almost all (96%) participants said they knew what to do in a medical emergency.

To get your community group involved and receive a free kit for this program email your name, community group's name, postal address and estimated number of participants to or phone 02 9320 7612.

Link to Life...Live it Save it! factsheet for Multicultural Communities (English)

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Ambulance chaplain conducts Life... Live It Save It! program for Anglican ministers at Coonabarabran

If you are interested in facilitating a program within your area (no prior training required) or just want to know more about the LIFE .. Live It Save It program please download the Program outline [PDF, 327kb] or contact the Manager, Community Relations by phoning 02 9320 7612 or email

Program resources

Facilitator Booklet

The facilitator booklet can be used to teach the Life... Live It Save It program by any community member. No prior expericne is required and the duration of the program, including practical component is approximately 60 minutes. The facilitator booklet contains the following information:

  • Registration form
  • Pre-session checklist
  • Scripted instructions
  • Merchandise
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Certificates
  • Facilitator evaluation form
  • Participant evaluation form

CPR Buddy Pillowcase

Each participant is given a CPR Buddy pillowcase to put on a pillow they bring to the program. This is used to learn basic cardio pulminary resuscitation (CPR) including tilting a patient's head, giving mouth to mouth and practicing chest compressions.

Fridge Magnets

Every participant is given a free fridge magnet which contains information on the signs and symptoms of common medical emergencies.

This assists participants recognise the first signs of chest pain, stroke, fainting, diabetic attack and asthma or shortness of breath.

090701ridge Ambulance is committed to assisting the community create safer and healthier environments and outcomes by making prevention everyone’s business.

A number of innovative community education programs have been implemented to assist identify life threatening conditions, understand what to do in an emergency and the importance of adopting illness prevention strategies.