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In Case of Emergency

We have not launched any campaign supporting ICE (In Case of Emergency) however we do support any method of contacting family in a critical medical emergency. Methods that can be used include information in diaries, wallets, drivers' licences, and mobile phones. The concept of ICE has merit and would be another source of information to assist with identification.

Note: In cases involving more than one patient or a where a mobile phone has been borrowed from someone else, it may be difficult to confidently match personal belongings to any one individual. This may in turn lead to unnecessary distress. We recommend that individuals be mindful of confidentiality issues.

090701ridge Ambulance is committed to assisting the community create safer and healthier environments and outcomes by making prevention everyone’s business.

A number of innovative community education programs have been implemented to assist identify life threatening conditions, understand what to do in an emergency and the importance of adopting illness prevention strategies.