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Making a Donation

Do you want to make a difference? By donating or leaving a bequest to NSW Ambulance you could be part of educating the community on life saving skills.

Why does NSW Ambulance need donations?

Our core business is the provision of emergency care and retrieval services, so its important government funding is utilised for this purpose.

However, saving lives goes beyond treating and transporting patients. Another important facet of NSW Ambulance is the provision of community safety and prevention programs for both the public and staff.

The ‘LIFE...Live it Save it' retiree program and ‘Be an Ambulance Hero: Dial Zero Zero Zero' are examples of education programs offered to the community FREE of charge as a direct result of a generous bequest.


Over the years many people have made significant donations to NSW Ambulance.

In 1991, Mr Kerry Packer donated $2.5M and the State Government contributed $2.5M which outfitted each of the State's 888 ambulances with a defibrillator. At the time, when all the defibrillators were in place, NSW had "the world's largest early defibrillation programme" ("Journal of Emergency Medical Services", Feb 1991, Vol:16,2 page 18).

The defibrillator program was launched at Bankstown Ambulance Station on Monday 25 February 1991 at which Mr Packer attended.

In 2004, Mr and Mrs Walter Sheldon stated that as they were growing older they had needed the services of paramedics and found that they were invarialby efficient, helpful and courteous. With this in mind they provided a significant contribution towards the purchase of an ambulance for the community which is based at Lane Cove.

NSW Ambulance can accept donations and bequests from individuals, companies and other organisations. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and a receipt is provided.

A ‘general' donation enables NSW Ambulance to use the donation for whatever purpose it believes is most appropriate. A ‘specific' donation has conditions outlining the specific spending of the funds such as education programs as mentioned or funds to be spent to benefit a specific NSW community. 

All donations should be made by cheque to the NSW Ambulance, the cheque crossed "Not Negotiable", and the donation forwarded to:

The Cashier
Ambulance Service of NSW
State Headquarters
Locked Bag 105


If you would like to make a bequest it's relatively simple. If you already have a Will, it's just a matter of updating it to include the NSW Ambulance. If you haven't yet made a Will, you can include your bequest when you do. Like a donation, you can make a general or specific bequest.

To make a Will visit a solicitor or The Public Trustee or you can use a trustee company. If you don't know of a solicitor ask your family or friends for a recommendation. Details for the NSW Trustee & Guardian are ph: 1300 364 103 or visit their website at

For additional information about making a donation or a bequest contact the Manager, Community Relations on 9320 7795 or email

packer def right

In 1991, Ambulance was able to provide defibrillators to every ambulance in NSW due to the genereous $2.5M donation by Mr Kerry Packer. Photo: (L to R) Kerry Packer, Paramedic Tania Bonetti, and Premier Nick Griener.