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NSW Ambulance Authorised Care Plans

Endorsed NSW Ambulance Authorised Care Plans enable paramedics to provide individualised care to a patient. Paramedics routinely provide treatment to patients within a set of protocols. Some patients however may benefit from care that is outside of the paramedic’s scope of practice or transport to a specialist service appropriate to the clinical need of the patient, rather than transporting directly to the nearest Emergency Department (ED).  In order for paramedics to be able to provide individualised care relating to treatment or transport, clear and specific treatment direction from a patient’s treating Medical or Nurse Practitioner (within their scope of practice) is required. A Medical Order is required for any Not for Resuscitation Orders. There are 2 different types of Plans

  • Authorised General Care Plans (Adult and Paediatric versions)
  • Authorised Palliative Care Plans (Adult and Paediatric versions) 


Authorised General Care Plans are for people who have disabilities or have medical conditions requiring specific treatment outside the paramedic’s scope of practice or transport to specific destinations for management of their disease or illness.

Authorised Palliative Care Plans are specifically for people who have a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness. 

This form provides the clinician with the opportunity to:

  • Document resuscitation plans, 
  • Prescribe treatment for specific symptoms, 
  • Guide where the patient should be admitted if care at home becomes difficult (providing there is a bed available) and how the paramedic can negotiate direct admission preventing unplanned, unwanted presentation to the nearest ED. 
  • Inform the paramedics the details of the medical practitioner who has agreed to complete the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death in the instance where the paramedics have completed the Verification of Death procedure.
  • Contact numbers of services involved in the patients care to facilitate communication with the known service providers.

All sections of the forms need to be completed legibly and signed prior to forwarding the document to NSW Ambulance for endorsement. Failure to do so will result in the form being returned to the author.


Clinicians Information booklet

Authorised Adult care plan

Authorise Care Plan Fact Sheet – Indigenous

Authorised Adult Palliative care plan

Authorised Paediatric care plan

Authorised Paediatric Palliative care plan