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Organising an Event

Depending upon the type of event you are organising we are able to assist you in a number of ways.

Are you organising a major event attracting large numbers of people?

Are you organising a major event such as a sporting event, large conference, film release, major outdoor concert or other event attracting large numbers of people? The organiser/promoter has a duty of care to supply a safe event and venue to the public and/or participants. This may include the provision of ambulance personnel.
More information on major and sporting events click here 

Download the FAQs for Event Organisers

Do you wish to involve Ambulance in a media or public relations event?

We are always keen to participate in media and public relation events that promote health awareness messages, the good work of paramedics, safe driving campaigns, child births and cardiac arrest reversions to name a few. NSW Ambulance Marketing & Media provides the link between the community and paramedics and coordinates our involvement in media events and opportunities.
More information on media and public relations events and opportunities

Do you wish to hire an Ambulance, equipment or paramedics for filming in a movie, television commercial or documentary?

Charges apply to any individual or organisation wishing to hire an ambulance vehicle, paramedics, equipment or Ambulance property. Prior approval of script content and use of NSW Ambulance property is required. NSW Ambulance reserves the right to decline any request.
More information on filming

ib ci event The Ambulance Service provides emergency medical assistance at major events across NSW, including the annual Australian Safari Rally which consists of 24 competitive off-road racing sections, held over eight days.