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Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Candidates

NSW Ambulance is strongly committed to employing people who identify as an Aboriginal* person.

A designated pathway is available from time to time for Aboriginal people to apply for employment for paramedic, patient transport officer, flight nurse and control centre roles.  Targeted Aboriginal corporate and administration roles may also be advertised.

Any role designated for Aboriginal recruitment means it is a targeted position under S.21 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977.  Aboriginal people are encouraged to apply and, where found suitable, will be given higher priority. 

NSW Ambulance is committed to ‘Closing the Gap' in health and employment outcomes for Aboriginal people.  Aboriginal employment contributes towards the economic participation of Aboriginal communities, which in turn promotes health and wellbeing.  By providing targeted Aboriginal positions, we are helping to address the social and economic disadvantage Aboriginal people often face due to past removal policies and inadequate educational, employment and health services. 

Further information

Aboriginal job applicants are encouraged to contact the Aboriginal Employment Coordinator, Callista Bryan, for more information on (02) 9320 7644 or . This is a dedicated contact number and email address for Australian Aboriginal job applicants only.

Applying for NSW Ambulance roles

During the application process, you may be required to provide a current resume and details of two referees.

To ensure we honour our Close the Gap commitment, applicants for our targeted Aboriginal positions are asked to provide confirmation of Aboriginality with their application.  This can be done in a number of ways, and guidance is available on NSW Health's ‘Stepping Up' ‘web page.

In addition, our selection committee will provide the opportunity at interview for shortlisted applicants to discuss their confirmation of Aboriginality.

NSW Ambulance Aboriginal employees in the media

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* Within NSW Health, the term 'Aboriginal' is generally used in preference to 'Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander', in recognition that Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of NSW. 



‘Good health - great jobs' is an initiative of NSW Health to halve the gap in employment outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people within a decade.  Featured is artwork by Jessica Birk.


Stepping Up by artist Jessica Birk.  Aboriginal people from all parts of NSW on a journey towards the top of the hill.  With one foot firmly on the earth, the other just hovering above in an effort to achieve more, with the sky being the only limit to people's opportunities.

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