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Critical Care Registrar Positions

Exciting opportunities exist for Critical Care Registrars to undertake a minimum six month rotation in Pre-hospital and Retrieval Medicine with the Greater Sydney Area Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (GSA-HEMS).  Critical Care includes Emergency, Anesthetics & Intensive Care.

About the Helicopter Emergency Service

Ambulance's Greater Sydney Area  Helicopter Emergency medical Service (GSA HEMS) is the largest retrieval service within the broader NSW aeromedical retrieval system.

We carry out more than 3,000 missions every year treating some of the State's sickest patients. With three helicopter bases located in Sydney, Wollongong and Orange, we are ready 24 hours a day to respond to calls following pre-hospital trauma, as well as inter-hospital critical care retrievals on a variety of platforms including helicopters, road vehicles and fixed wing aircraft.


The service is accredited for Emergency Medicine and Anaesthetic training with the relevant Australasian Colleges and has close links with other retrieval services worldwide. Ongoing rotations may be facilitated with these services for suitable applicants.

Overseas applicants

For overseas applicants we can also facilitate rotations with anesthetic and emergency departments should you wish to extend your stay in Sydney. Opportunities also exist for suitable candidates to complement their retrieval clinical work with an emergency medical service fellowship involving tasking and coordination as well as a Medical Simulation.


The Greater Sydney Area Helicopter Emergency Medical Service provides a complete orientation, comprehensive training and continuing education package for all candidates. Training incorporates helicopter winching operations, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), pre-hospital and interhospital scenario-based training, a Canyon Day exercise in the Blue Mountains with highly skilled paramedics, motor vehicle extrication and pre-hospital trauma management as well as complex inter-hospital critical care.

Ambulance runs fortnightly Clinical Governance/Training days attended by all staff and registrars are encouraged to be involved in one of our many research projects. For EM trainees there is also new opportunity to complete your 4.10 research requirement in conjunction with UNSW.

Want to apply?

Applicants for a position with Ambulance GSA-HEMS should be an advanced trainee in one of the critical care specialties, preferably in the last year or two of training. This ensures airway proficiency and extensive clinical experience in the management of critically ill patients. Superior communication skills and the ability to adapt clinical practice to difficult environments are required. Senior retrieval consultants are available 24 hours a day for clinical advice. 

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090615helicopter The Ambulance Service of NSW is unique from any other ambulance service as our front line staff have the opportunity to specialise into diverse areas such as Rescue, Special Casualty Access Team (SCAT), Aeromedical services, Snow operations, Rapid Response, Counter Disaster and Patient Transport Service.