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Becoming a paramedic

Our Graduate Trainee Recruitment Paramedic Campaign is now open for 2016:

If you have recently graduated or are in your last year of university and undertaking a Council of Ambulance Authorities (CAA) approved qualification, we want to meet you, click here. 

If you identify as aboriginal and want to be considered via the Targeted Employment Pathway follow this link.

Becoming a paramedic

There are three training pathways to becoming a paramedic with NSW Ambulance; Qualified Paramedics, Trainee Paramedic (Graduate) and Trainee Paramedic (Vocational).

Trainee Paramedic (Vocational entry)

Applicants who do not hold a clinical qualification, or with no prior medical experience can apply for the Trainee Paramedic vocational role. Through the Trainee Paramedic vocational training pathway, you will undertake the nationally-accredited Diploma of Paramedical Science over three years, delivered by the NSW Ambulance Education Centre, Rozelle, Sydney.

Trainee Paramedic (Graduate entry)

Applicants who have completed an accredited tertiary qualification in paramedical science or are in their final year of studying this qualification are welcomed to apply for the Trainee Paramedic Graduate training pathway.

For more information, download the Graduate Trainee Paramedic Guide

Accredited courses can be found through the Council of Ambulance Authorities.  

For more information regarding paramedic courses - including content, entry requirements and the universities that offer them in NSW - visit UTAS - Paramedic PracticeCSU - Clinical Practice (Paramedic)UWS - Paramedicine. 

Recognition of Prior learning 

Applicants already working within the health system (e.g. nurses, defence medics) may be able to fast-track their training or commence on a higher rate of pay through the trainee paramedic pathway. NSW Ambulance assesses qualifications and experience during the application process. For more information, visit Qualified Paramedics.

Qualified paramedic

Qualified applicants who have an accredited paramedical science qualification and can demonstrate satisfactory knowledge and understanding of ambulance practice can apply to NSW Ambulance as a qualified paramedic. Qualified paramedics may apply at any time. For more information please visit the Qualified Paramedics recruitment page.


STEP 1: Are you ready to apply for a paramedic role?

As a paramedic with NSW Ambulance you must be willing to:

  • Hold an unrestricted Drivers Licence with a good driving record
  • Gain an Unrestricted Light Rigid Drivers Licence as a condition of employment
  • Provide evidence of Mandatory Vaccinations
  • Be willing to relocate to any part of NSW as required by the job
  • Have a good level of medical and physical fitness to pass our health assessments
  • Be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or a New Zealand Citizen.


For the list of pre-screening questions, visit our ‘Are you ready?page.


STEP 2: Submitting your application

Applications are to be submitted via the NSW jobs website.


As part of your application, you will be required to;


  • Answer the ‘yes or no' pre-screening questions, designed to assess your eligibility to apply for the role. See the ‘Are you ready?' page for examples.
  • Submit proof you have completed, or are in the final year of study, of an accredited course, as well as certified copies of relevant qualifications (if applicable)
  • Provide proof of Australian or New Zealand citizenship or Australian permanent residency (i.e. passport, birth certificate)
  • Provide proof of Australian driver's licence and current driving history from each country and state you have driven in
  • Provide a current resume and details of two (2) referees
  • To complete a Form 188 with evidence of vaccination records.


If your application is progressed to an interview, you will be required to provide original copies of these documents

STEP 3: I've applied... what happens next?

Your application will pass through several stages during the recruitment process. Applicants are assessed at each stage and successful candidates are added to the eligibility list in order of merit. We appreciate your patience throughout the recruitment process. Candidates will be notified if their application is unsuccessful.

STEP 4: I didn't get in... now what?

If your application is unsuccessful, you may re-apply during the next recruitment campaign. Paramedic intern recruitment occurs every year. NSW Ambulance also advertises regularly on eRecruit 
 for other operational positions such as trainee communications assistant, trainee control centre officer, patient transport officer and other corporate roles.

More questions? 
Contact us for further assistance.