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Qualified Paramedics

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Qualified Paramedic recruitment

Paramedics are first contact health workers providing advanced out-of-hospital, emergency and non-emergency care and related transport services to the community. They provide front line out-of-hospital care, medical retrieval and health related transport for sick and injured people in an emergency and non-emergency setting, accurately assessing and documenting patients' health and medical needs to determine and implement appropriate paramedical care in line with NSW Ambulance policies and procedures.

Qualified paramedics currently employed in the ambulance industry, current casual employees, and ex-employees are welcome to apply. To succeed, applicants need to meet the appropriate clinical skill level, have the necessary experience, and successfully progress through our recruitment process.

We encourage applications from all qualified paramedics, particularly from candidates from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island background.

To help you apply, follow this step by step guide.

STEP 1: Are you ready to apply?

To apply you will need to:

  • Either hold Australian citizenship or permanent residency, or citizenship in New Zealand.
  • Hold, or be willing to gain, an Unrestricted Light Rigid (LR) Driver's Licence as a condition of employment.
  • Provide evidence of Mandatory Vaccinations against the following diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, chicken pox and tuberculosis.
  • Be willing to relocate to any part of NSW as required by the job.
  • Have a good level of medical and physical fitness to pass our health assessment.

STEP 2: Apply online:

Ready to apply? Click here to start your application.

Please note that applications are only accepted via I Work for NSW website. You will be required to upload the following documents with your resume. Please note that you will be required to scan and combine all the documents into one file in order for you to upload:
  • Recognition of Current Competency form.
  • Copy of your driver's licence.
  • Copy of your driving history from every state and country that you have lived and driven in for more than six months within the last 10 years (Roads and Maritime Services certified copy, not an online version).
  • Copy of Criminal Record Check from every country outside of Australia that you have lived in for more than six months with the last 10 years.
  • Copy of your qualifications - degree or Ambulance Diploma.
  • Copy of your birth certificate/passport.
  • Certificate of Service from your employing ambulance service, certifying each position you've held and for what period of time.
  • Copy of your current Certificate to Practice (To work as a Qualified Paramedic, you must hold a current Certificate to Practice (CTP) or be able to requalify for the CTP within three months).
  • Scope of Practice from your employing ambulance service, certifying each procedure and pharmacology you are authorised to use (ex-employees will be not be required to include this).
  • A brief resume outlining the functions and responsibilities of each job, including reasons for leaving.

STEP 3: I've applied - what happens next?

Your application will pass through several stages during the recruitment/selection process.

After each stage is completed, you will be advised if your application has been unsuccessful.

  1. Submit your application online complete addressing selection criteria. You will be sent a receipt email to confirm your application has been received.
  2. Your application will be reviewed and if your application meets the requirements, you will be contacted to provide relevant documentation to support your application for a qualified paramedic position.
  3. Your qualifications will be assessed in line with NSW Ambulance Education Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) and Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC) guidelines (current casual employees will not be required to obtain RPL/RCC approval). If approved, you will be invited to attend a gap assessment and interview.
  4. The RPL committee will provide their recommendation for your training pathway and recruitment will advise you of the outcome of both the interview and RPL. (If you are recognised at P1 level, it is likely that you will be required to attend a 5-8 week induction at NSW Ambulance headquarters, as well as successfully complete a number of on-road supervised hours). This may not apply to ex-employees who may instead be required to undertake a return-to-work workshop for 1-3 days as well as a number of supervised on-road shifts. You will be advised of the recommended pathway prior to any additional steps in the recruitment process being completed.
  5. If your referees confirm your suitability for the role, you will be requested to obtain a Working with Children Check. NSW Ambulance will also request your consent to carry out a National Criminal Record Check.
  6. The final step is that you will be invited to attend a medical assessment (the assessment will cost applicants approximately $750).

Essentially the application process will follow these six key stages, however they may not always occur in the order you expect them to. We may sometimes be required to fast-track the recruitment process and several stages may be conducted at once, or even in a different order to the one detailed above. We need to be flexible to respond to varying demands.

STEP 4: I didn't get in... now what?

Applicants may re-apply once they gain additional qualifications and experience. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications, NSW Ambulance is unable to provide personal feedback.

More information

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