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Recognition of prior learning

Ambulance assesses your former qualifications through the Recognition of Prior Learning program (RPL). We can help identify where applicants require further training or what level of entry is appropriate for each candidate.

You can seek RPL as part of the recruitment process or you can seek RPL when you are an employee. The RPL and recruitment processes are separate.

What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process of assessing and recognising the qualifications and experience of former or current paramedics, emergency medical technicians, registered nurses or those with relevant science tertiary qualifications.

RPL reviews qualifications, scope of practice and relevant experience to determine an applicant's level of entry and training requirements. If you are currently employed in the ambulance industry you could be employed at a similar level.

NSW Ambulance accepts applications from Qualified Paramedics via eRecruit.

Induction Process

As a general guide, if your application for RPL is accepted, you will undertake the following:

  • An induction to help familarise you with NSW and Sydney
  • On road training as a paramedic (rostered together with intensive care paramedics) including 3 on-road practicum reports
  • An assessment of your level of knowledge about ambulance practice

More information

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