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Patient Eligibility for Non-Emergency Patient Transport and Electronic Booking System

Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) is only available for patients who require transport to or from a health facility such as a hospital or rehabilitation unit and are assessed as medically unsuitable for community, public or private transport by a medical practitioner or registered nurse.  

Patients must also be assessed by a medical practitioner or a registered nurse as having a low risk of deterioration before being eligible for NEPT.

More information about patient eligibility and the new NEPT booking system can be found at the NSW Health NEPT website, click here.

keyboard The Ambulance Electronic Booking System (EBS) allows hospitals and residential aged care facilities to request non-emergency patient transports online.

EBS is fast, secure and convenient. Using EBS you can check the status of your bookings online in real time. More information about EBS can be found within this section of our website.