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Hurting a Paramedic

'If You Hurt a Paramedic' Community Education Campaign

Increasing violence toward paramedics is an ongoing issue. The ‘If You Hurt a Paramedic' community education campaign was launched in December 2013 to raise community awareness of violence towards paramedics and demonstrate that paramedics are more than a uniform; they're part of someone's family.

The campaign features four different posters which visually demonstrate the two sides of every paramedic: in uniform with an ambulance in the background and in civilian clothes with their families or performing a hobby. The message is that every paramedic is also somebody's mother, sister, brother or grandfather.

The posters were distributed widely throughout NSW and displayed in every ambulance vehicle as well as ambulance stations, waiting rooms and hospital EDs. Senior ambulance managers liaised with licensed venues in their area to arrange for the posters to be displayed in pubs and clubs, and a partnership with ClubsNSW extended distribution even further, with the posters displayed in all member clubs throughout the state.

The campaign generated considerable media interest and led to a number of newspaper articles. Almost all 4500 NSW Ambulance employees are aware of the campaign, and recognise it as a first step in the Executive's broader anti-violence strategy.