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Save Triple Zero for saving lives

01 Oct 2010


NSW Ambulance has launched a new confronting television campaign that sends a strong message to the community that ambulances are for emergencies.

The new 40 second TV commercial shows a man drowning in a swimming pool who is found by his distraught wife while the audio of trivial calls to Triple Zero is heard in the background.

Currently NSW Ambulance responds to a call every 28 seconds. However, a significant number of Triple Zero (000) calls requesting an ambulance response were not an emergency and did not require medical assistance.

Paramedics are well trained to do the job the community expects of them - providing emergency medical treatment and safe transport to patients who require these services. If there is a genuine chance of a medical emergency then people shouldn't hesitate to dial Triple Zero and ask for Ambulance.

Some situations may not end up as serious as they first appear, however people should use their common sense and call Triple Zero if they believe they might require emergency medical treatment.

If there is no medical emergency, people are encouraged to think about an alternative - such as seeking medical treatment through their local GP or community health centre. Calling ambulances to a trivial situation could cost a life.

Medical emergencies include shortness or difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, chest pain, broken bone(s), head injury, suspected heart attack or stroke, excessive blood loss or a significant motor vehicle crash or fall.

There are plenty of other alternatives to calling an ambulance including Healthdirect, a free 24hr Health Advice Line (1800 022 222) staffed by registered nurses to provide expert health advice, a free 24/7 Pregnancy, birth & baby helpline providing general information about pregnancy, birthing, post-natal care, and parenting in the first 12 months (1800 882 436) or your local GP, pharmacist or after-hours medical centre listed in the phone book.