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Clinical Performance

Cardiac Care

Percentage of out-of-hospital patients with suspected myocardial ischaemia who are reported as having received the prescribed cardiac care.

June 2014 target: 90%
June 2014 result: 94.2%


Percentage of major trauma patients managed as per Protocol T1 by direct transport to a Trauma Service or transported to a local hospital or T1 preferred destination with AMRS notification.

June 2014 target: 95%
June 2014 result: 97.7%

Complaints Management

Efficient complaints management contributes to patient safety initiatives as there are often lessons learned in the analysis of the investigation and recommendations made. Percentage of complaints acknowledged and resolved within 35 days.

June 2014 target: 80% of complaints acknowledged and resolved within 35 days by June 2013
June 2014 result: 80%


The pre-hospital environment is characterised by constant and rapid change and a growing body of knowledge that will continue to influence clinical practice.

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