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Clinical Performance 2008/09

Key clinical performance indicators have been developed in accordance with the 2009/10 Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Performance Agreement between NSW Health and the Ambulance Service of NSW. These indicators enable us to continuously monitor and develop organisation-wide standards of clinical quality and safety.

Medication Safety - TABLETS

(Percentage of patients who are on medication arriving at hospital with their medications)

Patients transported to hospital are able to be treated earlier and more accurately when their current medications can be assessed as part of the clinical treatment provided. The TABLETS project aims to ensure that the everyday medications prescribed to patients are taken to hospital by paramedics and provided to the emergency department.

June 2009 target: 55 per cent of patients arriving at hospital with their medications in a bag by June 2009
June 2009 result: 49.4%

Complaints Management

(Percentage of complaints acknowledged and resolved within 35 days)

Efficient complaints management contributes to patient safety initiatives as there are often lessons learned in the analysis of the investigation and recommendations made.

June 2009 target: 80 per cent of complaints acknowledged and resolved within 35 days by June 2009
June 2009 result: 83.3%

Certificate to Practice

(Percentage of eligible clinically operational staff that have certificate to practice)

Certification of operational paramedics supports quality and safe clinical care. Compliance with Certificate To Practice (CTP) requirements provides assurance that paramedics maintain currency in Ambulance standards of patient care. CTP compliance also reflects ongoing engagement with professional issues relevant to a paramedic's clinical field. CTP is an important Ambulance clinical governance strategy.

June 2009 target: 100 per cent of eligible clinically operational staff with CTP by June 2009
June 2009 result: 97.3% - The remaining staff are either on leave or working off road at the time their CTP falls due.

Major Trauma

(Percentage of patients meeting Major Trauma criteria that are transported directly to a Trauma Service/Rural Referral Centre)

To improve patient outcomes with a major trauma we actively minimise the time taken to reach definitive care by transporting patients directly to a trauma hospital.

Medical evidence has shown that by transporting patients directly to a trauma service patient outcomes will be improved and exacerbation of injuries will be restricted.

June 2009 target: Target will be determined following implementation of the Trauma Services Plan
June 2009 result: 86.6%

Note: This is a newly established clinical performance indicator and therefore data prior to 2009 is not available