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Governance and Accountability

The NSW Ambulance Service of NSW Chief Executive is ultimately responsible for corporate, clinical and public sector governance. The Executive Management Board and governance committees provide advice and guidance to the Chief Executive on matters of performance, compliance, communications and ethics.

The Chief Executive complies with both the NSW Health Code of Conduct and NSW Ambulance Code of Conduct (link to pdf) together with specific directives from the Director General, Health. The Chief Executive also abides by conduct, independence and good governance principles as well as key Chief Executive accountabilities.

The governance functions of the Executive Management Board are delivered through three principle committees, Audit and Risk, Finance and Clinical Governance.

Please visit the Corporate Governance and Accountability Compendium here.

The Executive Management Board

The Executive Management Board meets monthly and is responsible for the delivery of identified service levels, quality and performance targets and major organisational programs.

Corporate Governance

We have a commitment to ethical practices and as such all our employees are required to behave in a manner consistent with the stated values and standards outlined in our Code of Conduct and Our Values developed by staff for staff.

The Professional Standards and Conduct Unit is responsible for strengthening ethical governance and managing disciplinary matters, investigations, serious grievances and protected disclosures.

A designated contact number for complaints is available to staff and members of the public 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to ensure that appropriate action is taken to resolve serious complaints. More information on making a complaint can be found here.

To view the Corporate Governance Attestation Statement click here.

To view the NSW Ambulance Corporate Governance Framework click here

Our Budget

To see the initial budget allocation for the financial year 2014/2015 please click here.

Service Agreement

This Executed NSW Ambulance 2018-19 Service Agreement supports the devolution of decision making, responsibility and accountability for the provision of safe, high quality, patient centred care to Local Health Districts and other Health Services by setting out the service and performance expectations and funding for NSW Ambulance.

Clinical Governance

We have established a formal clinical governance function and associated standards related to incident reporting, clinical quality and patient safety and have had such functionality in place for several years.

Policies addressing the management of serious incidents are in place, we are responsive to incidents and vigilant in monitoring the outcomes from reviews of serious incidents being implemented.

More detailed information is available within the clinical performance section of this website.

To view the NSW Ambulance Corporate Governance Framework click here.


NSW Ambulance engages with a range of stakeholders to assist in making and communicating decisions.

Internal Audit and Risk Management Attestation Statement

NSW Ambulance has internal audit and risk management processes in place that provide a level of assurance that enables the senior management of NSW Ambulance to recognise, understand, manage and effectively control its exposure to risk.

Internal Audit and Risk Management Attestation Statement 2013-14

NSW Health Audit and Risk Management Committee Self Assessment Checklist 2013-14

ib au prayer The Ambulance Service of NSW Chief Executive is ultimately responsible for corporate, clinical and public sector governance.