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Reviews and Inquiries

24 July 2013

NSW Auditor-General's Report Performance Audit: Reducing ambulance turnaround time at hospitals

On Wednesday 24 July, the Auditor-General released a report detailing their assessment of

whether there are effective strategies in place to reduce the time spent by ambulance crews at emergency departments.

To view the full report click here

To view the media release click here

17 July 2013

Reform Plan for Aeromedical (Rotary Wing) Retrieval Services in NSW

The Minister for Health released the Reform Plan for Aeromedical (Rotary Wing) Retrieval Services in NSW, which addresses the second part of the Strategic Review of NSW Ambulance. A copy of the Government's Reform Plan and Fact Sheets for the new Helicopter Network bases at Sydney (Bankstown and Westmead (NETS)), Wollongong, Orange, Newcastle, Tamworth, Lismore and Canberra can be found at

To view the report click here.

18 January 2012

Carrington Falls Incident

While attempting to winch a patient from the scene of an incident in Carrington Falls, Paramedic Wilson sustained injuries which resulted in his tragic death. A number of separate investigations and inquiries into the incident either continue or have been concluded including the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) initial report into the 24 December 2011 Carrington Falls incident

16 May 2013


NSW Ambulance Media Statement 

18 December 2012

Ambulance Reform Plan

Health Minister Jillian Skinner today released the NSW Government reform plan for NSW Ambulance. The reform plan focuses on five key strategic directions:

  • Integrating NSW Ambulance into the broader health system;
  • Separating non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) from urgent medical retrieval patient services so that NSW Ambulance is able to focus on its core role - attending to emergencies;
  • Developing new models of care and investing in new providers to effectively manage demand and response times, reduce paramedic fatigue and improve the operating costs of NSW Ambulance;
  • Ensuring that NSW Ambulance has effective infrastructure and a funding model that will ensure financial sustainability in the future;
  • Strengthening the leadership, workforce and governance structure of NSW Ambulance and embracing the CORE values of Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment.

NSW Ambulance Reform Plan

NSW Ambulance Reform Plan Update


24 April 2012

Health Check: Ambulance Service of NSW

As part of good governance the Minister for Health has asked that an assessment of the organisational structure, management arrangements and models of care of the NSW Ambulance Service be undertaken to support improved access to critical care services for the NSW community.

To view the Terms of Reference, click here.

18 January 2012

Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) initial report into the 24 December 2011 Carrington Falls incident

NSW Auditor-General releases his report on Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Contract

The Auditor-General, Mr Peter Achterstraat, released his report on the NSW Ambulance Service contract for helicopter emergency medical services in Sydney, Wollongong and Orange.

"We did not find anything to suggest that the tender process was unfair. It was consistent with standards and guidelines, and Cabinet approved it".

Documents related to the Audit

Evaluation of the need to extend the operating hours of the Orange EMS Helicopter and Medical Retrieval Service

Coroner findings & recommendations following Trent Speering Inquest

The State Coroner handed down the findings and recommendations following the Trent Speering and Monica Speering Inquest.

Inquest into the death of David Iredale

The Office of the New South Wales State Coroner conducted a formal inquiest into the Death of David Iredale on 20 December 2006. A copy of the Inquest is available below.

> Inquest into the death of David Iredale

Legislative Council Inquiry into Ambulance

On 15 May 2008, a Legislative Council Inquiry was established to report on the management and operations of the Ambulance Service.

Following the announcement of the Legislative Council Inquiry, Ambulance tabled a submission on the current management and operations of the Ambulance Service.

Following taking of submissions and a public hearing the Legislative Council provided a report of their findings and recommendations

Twelve months on the Legislative Council Inquiry reconvened to review the Ambulance Service's progress on implementing of the findings and recommendations of the Inquiry. Following is the updated submission by Ambulance.

This submission sets out the major reform strategies and key activities being undertaken by the Ambulance Service to address the existing and future challenges.

Attachment 1 - Excellence in Care
Attachment 2 - Healthy Workplace Strategies
Attachment 3 - Our Values
Attachment 4 - Raising Workplace Concerns
Attachment 5 - Grievance Resolution Flowchart

Transcript provides detail on the implementation of the recommendations of the Inquiry by the Ambulance Service and other stakeholders.

In April 2010, the Legislative Council released their final report for the Review of the inquiry into the management and operations of the Ambulance Service of NSW.

The NSW Government provided a response to that report in November 2010.

Special Commission of Inquiry into the delivery of acute care services within the NSW public health system

Further information on the Special Commission of Inquiry into Acute Care Services in NSW Public Hospitals.

The establishment of a Special Commission of Inquiry looked at how the NSW public hospital system could improve patient care and consultation throughout the health system.

Additional information is available on the NSW Health website 

Review of Ambulance conducted by the Department of Premier and Cabinet - Findings and recommendations

The Review provided an opportunity to look at a number of issues confronting Ambulance including the ever growing demand on ambulance services and in particular recommends that we closely examine the tiering of emergency response services and non-emergency transport services as a means of focusing resources on our greatest need - emergency medical care.

Audit Office of NSW - Performance Audit

Ambulance has been commended for the extensive changes made to implement the recommendations of the 2007 Audit report, for its new initiatives and for the improvements in range and accuracy of data and performance indicators.

IPART Review of the financial aspects of Ambulance 

In 2005 the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW (IPART) undertook a review of financial aspects of the Ambulance Service of NSW.

The focus of the review was to look at the way in which the Ambulance Service is funded, the charges for the medical and transport services it provides, and how its fees should be adjusted over time.

> Review of Financial Aspects of the Ambulance Service of NSW



ib au prayer Growth in demand for ambulance services is set to continue and we must continue to refine and adjust our organisation in response.