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2013 - Publications

  • Muecke S, Curac N, BinksD . Informing clinical policy decision-making practices in ambulance services. International Journal Evidence Based Healthcare. 2013;11:299-304.
  • Gruen RL, Jacobs IG, Reade MC on behalf of the PATCH study investigators. Trauma and tranexamic acid. Editorial. MJA. 2013;199(5):310-11.
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  • Simpson PM, Bendall JC, Tiedemann A, Lord SR, Close JCT. Prehospital analgesia for older patients who have fallen and sustained a suspected fracture; above par, but room for improvement exists. Academic Emergency Medicine. 2013: IN PRESS.
  • Simpson PM, Bendall JC, Tiedemann A, Lord SR, Close JCT. Epidemiology of emergency ambulance responses to older people who have fallen: a prospective cohort study. Prehospital Emergency Care. 2013: IN PRESS.

2013 - Conference papers and posters

  • Muecke S, Curac N, Binks D. Evidence for ‘excellence in care. 2013; Australian College of Health Service Management National Congress: Canberra.
  • Carroll T, Muecke S. Assessing the links of a large linked data project of prehospital, hospital and mortality records. 2013; Australasian Epidemiological Society Annual Scientific Meeting: Brisbane.
  • Simpson PM. Integration of health promotion and injury prevention initiatives into paramedic practice when providing emergency care to older people who have fallen. 2013; Australian Health Promotion Association: Sydney.
  • Simpson P, Bendall J, Tiedemann A, Lord S, Close J. Paramedic utilisation of primary healthcare resources for older patients who have fallen. 2013; Primary Health Care Research Conference: Sydney.


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  • Middleton PM, Davies SR, Reinton-Reynolds T, Marial O, Middleton JW. The prehospital epidemiology of spinal cord injuries in New South Wales: 2004-2008. Injury. 2012;43:480-85.
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