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About Us

We are committed to providing high quality clinical care and health related transport services to over 7.25 million people in NSW, distributed across an area of 801,600 square kilometers.

The average number of ambulance responses increased by 3.3 per cent over the past year. Factors contributing to increased activity include population growth, an ageing population and the associated increase in rates of illness.

In 2013/14 we provided 1,234,843 total responses (both emergency and non-emergency) compared to 1,219,262 total responses in 2012/13. There were on average 3383 responses per day - this is equivalent to a response every 26 seconds.

We employ over 4,000 people, with 90 per cent being operational staff involved in the front line delivery of services. This includes paramedics, patient transport officers and specialised areas such as intensive care and extended care paramedics, special operations, counter disaster, aeromedical and medical retrieval. The remaining 10 per cent of our workforce are corporate and support staff who assist in the delivery of services, including mechanical workshops, finance and payroll, human resources and administration.

Our website will provide you with a range of information on Ambulance - what we do, how to access our services and call for an ambulance in a medical emergency, important patient and community information, employment opportunities and our contact details.

We welcome your ideas and feedback on our website, which you can provide by simply clicking on the "contact us" link at the top of each page. I would also encourage you to read our community newsletter, Community Sirens, by clicking on the link on the front page of this site. 

aboutus right Welcome to NSW Ambulance, an integral and dynamic part of the New South Wales health system and one of the largest ambulance services in the world.