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Research Publications


 Original Research (Published)

Google governance: increasing the effectiveness of critical care physicians through the use of an online usergroup. C Reid, S Harper, A Tzannes, K Habig, S Coombes, S Hayes, B Burns, C Oh, M Newcombe, S L Fineberg, G Tall, M Novy. Emerg Med J 2010 27: 50-51

ECMO retrieval in NSW and beyond. C. Jones, C. Hommers, B. Burns, P. Forrest. Current Anaesthesia & Critical Care 2010 21;5-6: 282-286

Effectiveness of morphine, fentanyl, and methoxyflurane in the prehospital setting. Middleton, P., Simpson, P., Sinclair, G., Dobbins, T., Math, B., Bendall, J. Prehospital Emergency Care 2010; 14:439-447

ECMO retrieval during the H1N1 pandemic. Burns B, Habig K, Reid C, Kernick P, Wilkinson C, Tall G, Coombes S, Manning R. Prehospital Emergency Care 2011;15:246-253

Retrieval of critically ill adults using ECMO: an Australian experience. Forrest P, Ratchford J, Burns B et al. Intensive Care Medicine 2011 May;37(5):824-30. Epub 2011 Feb 26.

Original Research (accepted for publication)

Prehospital Resuscitative Hysterotomy. R Bloomer, R Wheatley, C Reid. (EJEM 2011)

Review of Intra-aortic balloon pump in medical retrieval. B.Burns, K.Habig, C.Reid. (EJEM 2011)


Prehospital physician management of pericardial tamponade due to penetrating trauma C Reid, K Habig, AJEM 2010;3:384

Non-septic hyperlactataemia in the emergency department C Reid, V Rees and H Collyer-Merritt EMJ 2010 27:41

Prehospital and in-hospital parameters and outcomes in patients with traumatic brain injury: A comparison between German and Australian trauma registries. B.Burns, K.Habig, C.Reid, N.Ballard, A.Pearce, M.Hooper. Injury 2011 Apr 5

Traumatic pericardial tamponade treated by pericardiocentesis. Burns,BJ EMA 2011 Jun;23(3):384

Case Reports/Short Reports

A prehospital paediatric tension viscerothorax presenting as a tension pneumothorax: a diagnostic dilemma. C Jones, A Tzannes, C Reid EMJ 2010;27:864-865

Pre-hospital use of intranasal ketamine for paediatric burn injury. C. Reid, P. Middleton. Accepted by Emerg Med J 2011 Apr;28(4):328-9. Epub 2011 Feb 3

An unusal cause of hypoxia. B.Burns. G. Healy Prehospital Emergency Care 2011 Jul-Sep;15(3):414-7. Epub 2011 Apr 15.

Conference Abstracts

A One Year Review of Aeromedical Winch Retrieval Missions in the Greater Sydney Area, NSW. Coxon L, Cummins FH, Reid C
EMA 2010;22(S1):A40

A Review of the Helicopter Retrieval Process for Critically Ill Bariatric Patients in New South Wales. Kernick P, Cummins FH, Reid C, Trevithick S, Rees V.
EMA 2010;22(S1):A41

The Logistical Process for Transportation of Patients on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). Kernick P, Cummins FH, Habig K, Reid C, Coombes S, Trevithick S, Williams LL, Collyer-Merritt H.
EMA 2010;22(S1):A41

Competence in the Face of Complexity. Tall G, Reid C, Habig K
EMA 2010;22(S1):A21

Current Projects (submitted/in submission)

Experience of pre-hospital falls-related trauma by an Australian helicopter emergency medical service. D. Janssen, B.Burns (submitted to Injury)

Improving documentation in pre-hospital rapid sequence intubation. R. Bloomer, B. Burns, S. Ware, K. Habig (submitted to British Journal of Anaesthesia).

Bag valve mask failure in an intubated stretcher winch. B.Burns, K. Edwards, T.House (submitted to Air Med J).

Current Projects (writing up/review phase)

Review of prehospital blood transfusion by an Australian HEMS. K Williams, M Morgan M, B Burns.

Comparison of direct laryngoscopy with Airtraq/ Glidescope by aeromedical retrieval doctors (completed, in write up phase) L.Williams, C. Hommers, B. Burns

Accuracy of Primary Survey by Doctors in Prehospital Care. C. Reid, B.Burns, K.Habig

Pre-hospital lower limb nerve blockade for femoral shaft fracture: A retrospective review. T Lupton, A Landsdown


sydney An Augusta Westland 139 helicopter hovers above the Sydney Opera House. Ambulance operates three of these helicopters, two in Sydney and one in Wollongong.