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Physician Induction Training
Clinical Training
We run a comprehensive induction training course four times a year for our new registrars who are commencing their six month terms of Retrieval and Pre-hospital Medicine. The induction consists of seven days of dedicated clinical training by our retrieval consultants and supervised mentored shifts which are broken up into the following segments:

  • a pre-induction module on-line at our virtual learning environment
  • lectures/equipment and clinical skill stations
  • simulation-based training sessions
  • Rescue and Vehicle Extrication Day at Ambulance Rescue Training Facility
  • Major Incident Training MIMMS one day course
  • supervised mentored shifts on-road and helicopter missions with retrieval consultants or experienced registrars.

"Austere" Environment Training

  • Vertical Rescue Day - vertical safety awareness and training day includes mannequin based simulation of the patient (including delivery of emergency anaesthesia on cliffs and confined spaces), patient packaging and bush survival skills with SCAT paramedics.
  • Canyon Day - full day with entry into a Blue Mountains canyon by rope access with a team-based medical scenario, and extrication out of the canyon simulating patient treatment and transport in the most extreme conditions.

Training is based on a curriculum for Pre-hospital and Retrieval Medicine established by GSA HEMS, broken down into operational and clinical themes.

Rotary Wing Operations Training
A comprehensive program lasting six days and including HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training), helicopter ground school and both day and night live winch training in two aircraft types (AW139 and EC145).

Ongoing Training
Helicopter Winching and Flight Currencies

  • winch training "static" - monthly currencies for registrars and two monthly for paramedics and consultants, incorporating medical scenarios, such as, intubated stretcher winching and water rescue.
  • six monthly flight currencies
  • 12 monthly line check
  • 12 monthly Emergency Survival Currency exam
  • 24 monthly HUET - Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

Clinical Currencies
Clinical currencies for emergency anaesthesia are maintained by a skills maintenance program every six months for consultants and three months for registrars, led by the senior retrieval consultant and consisting of an online MCQ test and practical mannequin-based workshop.

Scenario/Simulation Training
Senior retrieval consultant led simulation training, which is based around a set of operational based scenarios to develop CRM, clinical decision making and procedural skills in pre-hospital and retrieval medicine.


sydney An Augusta Westland 139 helicopter hovers above the Sydney Opera House. Ambulance operates three of these helicopters, two in Sydney and one in Wollongong.