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Patient Transport Service

The Patient Transport Service (PTS) is a service provided by NSW Ambulance for patients who don't require emergency transport. These patients require transport to or from a NSW Health facility such as a hospital, but due to clinical requirements are unable to use private or public transport.

A new centralised booking and dispatch service has been established for all NSW Health system non-emergency patient transport service providers to better coordinate all patient transport fleets and provide an improved service for patients.

This approach will improve patient flow through emergency departments and hospitals, and increase the availability of emergency ambulances for life saving and critical incidents. It will see faster and improved coordination for patients requiring non-emergency transport.

About the NEPT Program

NSW Ambulance and Local Health Districts (LHDs) across NSW provide patient transport services. The NEPT program has established a centralised booking and dispatch service, which will reduce delays for patients and improve coordination of transport fleets.

The NEPT service is coordinated through a centralised booking hub located at Parramatta for patient transport services. NSW Ambulance will continue to be the sole provider of emergency transport.

Patients transported by the NSW Ambulance PTS vehicles are cared for by Patient Transport Officers (PTOs). Our Patient Transport Officers undertake in-house training in basic first aid with advanced resuscitation. Our PTOs have the ability to administer oxygen, monitor pulse and breathing rates but are not taught blood pressure, cardiac monitoring or permitted to administer any medications or manage patients on intravenous fluids.

If you are interested in a career as a Patient Transport Officer within NSW Ambulance, please click Patient Transport Officer Recruitment.

NSW Health has a range of information you can access regarding NEPT:

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