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Almighty God, we thank you for the privilege of caring for those who are sick and injured. In particular, we thank you for the commitment and dedication of past and present ambulance officers who have spent their lives in this way.

May all present officers be blessed in their caring ministry and given the skills and character to carry out their difficult work. We pray that they will be protected from harm and show in their attitude love, compassion and healing.

Grant us wisdom and peace.

We ask this in your name and for your sake.



Almighty God, as we gather on this special day of joy and celebration, to remember with thankfulness all that makes life secure and valued.
We hold ourselves ready to serve as people caring for people in the community.

We give thanks for the skill and dedication of all the paramedics in the fields of their endeavour. We acknowledge the services of the staff who aid them in the fulfillment of their tasks and the many volunteers who give of their own time with vigilance and ability.

We acknowledge with reverence all those who make these things possible and worth striving for. We pray for those who give us hope and encouragement in all our undertakings. We praise and thank you for all the gifts you have entrusted to us. May we use them to serve the community of New South Wales.

The God of all humanity, give us grace and faith to trust, the impulse to serve and the courage to continue, now and always.

In your Holy Name we Pray...


ib au prayer The Ambulance Prayer is used as part of official Ambulance functions where a prayer is requested. The Prayer reflects our contemporary and diverse Ambulance Service and our caring attitude, compassion and humanitarian work.