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Accounts & Fees


NSW Ambulance charges

If you or someone you know requires emergency ambulance treatment and/or transport you will be required to pay a fee for this service unless you are exempt from payment.  Ambulance fees are based on a call out charge plus a per kilometre charge.  Kilometres are based on the round trip between the ambulance station, pick up address, destination and return to the ambulance station.
If you live in NSW you will only be billed for 51% of the actual charge as the NSW government subsidises the service for NSW residents. More information on charges is available at Fees and Charges.

How do I know if I am exempt from paying ambulance fees?

NSW Ambulance services are provided free of charge if you are a pensioner or concession card holder, or fall into a number of other exemption categories.  NSW Ambulance fees also do not have to be paid by you if you are covered by health insurance or another scheme. 
To see if you are exempt from payment please go to Billing FAQ for NSW residents

Will Medicare cover my NSW Ambulance bill?

No, Medicare does not cover NSW Ambulance costs.

How do I finalise my account?

Accounts can be paid online here. For other payment methods please see Paying My Account.

If you are exempt from payment please provide your details online here. Do not pay the bill.

Pay my account now

To pay your account, click here.

What should I do if I cannot afford to pay my bill?

If you are not exempt but are experiencing financial or other hardship you can arrange a payment plan or due date extension, or apply for a fee review.  In cases of financial or other hardship a fee review may result in the fee being waived in full or in part.   More information on fee review FAQs is available at Fee Reviews.

What happens if I do not pay my bill?

If you are not exempt from payment and you do not pay your bill it will be referred to the State Debt Recovery Office for fee recovery action which may include:


  •      a garnishee order in relation to wages or salary
  •      a property seizure order
  •      a charge on land owned by the debtor


If the debt is referred to the State Debt Recovery Office to take fee recovery action, you will also be charged additional fee recovery costs of $65 plus the Sheriff’s additional costs if applicable. More information is available at Health Services Amendment

To read our most recent media release, please click here.

090323 fees Medicare does not cover ambulance costs.
All individuals and families are encouraged to arrange ambulance cover by contacting a registered private health fund of your choice.