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Employment Enquiry

NSW Ambulance Service is a diverse organisation, employing over 3,700 people in a range of areas including front line positions such as paramedics, operations centre staff, flight nurses and patient transport officers and behind the scenes roles in communications, IT, payroll, human resources, public affairs and other corporate and administrative roles.

A career with NSW Ambulance Service offers a range of employment opportunities for advancement and ongoing development. We are unique from any other ambulance service as our front line staff have the opportunity to specialise into diverse areas such as Rescue, Special Casualty Access Team (SCAT), Aeromedical services, Snow field operations, Rapid Response, Counter Disaster and Patient Transport Service. NSW Ambulance has a fully accredited Ambulance Education Centre as well as regional training units that deliver in-service training, online learning courses and clinical support programs which include workshops and clinical assistance.

For further information on employment with NSW Ambulance please contact:

Recruitment Unit
NSW Ambulance
State Headquarters
Locked Bag 105
Rozelle NSW 2039
Phone: (02) 9320 7378

ib em trainee Over 3,700 people work at Ambulance including:

- paramedics
- patient transport officers
- educators
- flight nurses
- communication assistants
- trades and
- corporate staff.

Uniformed positions within Ambulance account for 87 per cent of the total workforce. Non-uniformed employees comprise the remainder of the staff, working in areas such as human resources, payroll, accounts, automotive workshops and repairs, stores, administration and management