What jobs are available?


NSW Ambulance provides a designated employment pathway for Australian Aboriginal people for employment as a graduate paramedic, trainee paramedic, control centre officer and communications assistant. The selection criteria and employment conditions for Aboriginal applicants are the same as for mainstream applicants for these roles.

Other targeted Aboriginal roles may also be advertised from time to time, eg corporate and administration, and flight nurse roles.

Any role designated for Aboriginal recruitment means applications are limited to Aboriginal persons or Torres Strait Islanders, who are ‘eligible persons’ for the purposes of Government Sector Employment Rule 26.

How do I apply?

Targeted Aboriginal vacancies for paramedic, control centre officer and communications assistant are advertised online on the NSW Health Careers portal, where you can create an account and sign up for job alerts. When vacancies are advertised, you would use your account to apply online and this includes answering a pre-screening questionnaire, and uploading your resume and Aboriginality information.

How do I demonstrate my Aboriginality?

There are a range of options for you to choose from to provide information about your Aboriginality. For details, contact the Aboriginal Employment Coordinator on (02) 9320 7644. Guidance is also available on NSW Health's 'Stepping Up' web page.

What support & advice is available?

The Aboriginal Employment Coordinator is available to provide advice on how to prepare for each stage of the selection process including application, abilities testing, the field day (which includes interview), and health assessment.

An Aboriginal person is included on the selection panel, to help provide a more comfortable interview process and a role model for Aboriginal applicants.  At interview, applicants will also be able to discuss their Aboriginal heritage with the Aboriginal panel member.  Successful Aboriginal applicants may have the opportunity to complete their ambulance induction course together.

Our Close the Gap commitment

NSW Ambulance recognises the social and economic disadvantages Aboriginal people often face due to past government removal policies and inadequate educational, employment and health services.  We are committed to ‘Closing the Gap' by producing positive health and employment outcomes for Aboriginal people.  Our jobs for Aboriginal people can make a positive difference in living standards for their families and community, which in turn contributes to health and wellbeing. This sequence leads to benefits for the wider Australian society.

For more information

Contact the Aboriginal Employment Coordinator on (02) 9320 7644. This is a dedicated contact number for Australian Aboriginal job applicants only.