Kyle and Jackie O has an incredible 'Triple Zero Heroes' segment, which pays tribute to the unsung heroes who take our emergency calls as they play back audio from real life incidents.


At 11-years-old you never think about having to call Triple Zero (000) for your mum. But Josh was playing in his room when he heard an unusual sound…. He got up and walked in to check on his mum, and found her on the floor having a seizure. He called 000 and spoke to call-taker Peita, who asked him a variety of questions. Amazingly, he was able to provide answers to all of them, including his mum’s medical condition, and was able to tell Peita early on that she was epileptic.

Josh was even able to help run the breathing test with Peita so she could make sure mum wasn’t having any trouble breathing. Josh gathered up all of his mums medications and kept an eye on her. The amazing Peita stayed on the phone with him until paramedics arrived. During all of this, Josh stayed cool, calm and collected.

Always remember: In an emergency, dial Triple Zero (000).

Now listen to the audio clip.

*Image used is not of the call taker on the (000) call.