(L to R) New graduates Jessie Pearson, Monique Ryan, Brian Hunter, Malissa Masters and Kyle Blake at the ceremony.

Following a graduation ceremony this month, some of NSW Ambulance’s newest recruits have opened up about what they hope to achieve in their new careers

Despite some rainy, gloomy weather, NSW Ambulance’s latest recruits weren’t going to let the conditions dampen their spirits at graduation.

Earlier this month, 76 new recruits – including 58 Paramedic Interns, nine Call-taking trainees and nine trainee Standby Control Centre Officers – completed their induction programs after undertaking several weeks of training.

Among those graduates was Jessie Pearson. Until now Jessie has been a Paramedic, but is set to further enhance her skills by becoming a Standby Control Centre Officer in Sydney.

“Obviously control is a big part of our service and I’m looking forward to it,” she said.

“I’ve already had an observation shift and it was fantastic.

“I’m super proud of everyone - they really did so well in this course and we really worked hard to get where we are.”

At the ceremony, graduate Malissa Masters read an original poem titled ‘How will you cope’ on behalf of both classes.
All graduates in attendance on the day pose for a photo alongside NSW Ambulance Chief Executive Dominic Morgan.

Graduate Paramedic Kyle Blake said it was “surreal” and “overwhelming” to graduate as he commences his career at Ryde Station.

Asked what he hoped to achieve in his career, Kyle said: “I just hope to be confident and do the best I can… and have fun doing it.”

“I can’t wait to get going on with my career and maybe eventually be in one of those top role positions, maybe an ICP or whatever comes my way.”

Fellow graduate Paramedic Monique Ryan – who will be based at Artarmon Super Station - said she is excited to help make “a positive impact” to patients in need of support and treatment.

“I’m hoping to become the best paramedic that I can be and just go into the community and help anyone that needs it, whether the job be big or small,” she said.

Some of the graduates at the ceremony.

Call-taker graduate Brian Hunter also has grand plans for his NSW Ambulance career.

“I’m hoping to eventually go on-road as a paramedic, but in the meantime I’m hoping to go pretty far in my career while working in the Control Centre,” he said.

“It feels pretty good to know that we (call-takers) are firsthand who people (patients) are going to speak with first.”

Among the attendees at the graduation ceremony was NSW Ambulance Chief Executive Dominic Morgan.

Dr Morgan gave a moving speech to the grad class, which concluded with some simple, yet important advice.

“Never forget to look at the world through your patient’s eyes,” he said.

“If you do that you will be the world’s best Paramedics and Call-takers of NSW Ambulance.”