After dedicating 36 years of his life to NSW Ambulance, Crag Gargett is ready to bow out. But he leaves knowing that his role as a Senior Operations Control Officer will be left in very good hands with his replacement.

You know that saying about how you shouldn’t bring your work problems home with you?

Generally speaking, it’s probably wise advice.

But for Control Centre couple Craig and Rebecca Gargett that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Working in the same job, and at the same workspace (Southern Control), has proven to be a blessing for each of them while away from the job.

And the benefits are set to continue for Rebecca, who will step into her husband’s role as a Senior Operations Control Officer (SOCO) at the Barrack Heights Control Centre.

It comes as Craig, who was a paramedic before becoming a Control Centre Officer, celebrated his retirement last month after 36 years with NSW Ambulance.

After commencing his career as a paramedic in Wollongong, Craig later became an ICP and spent time as part of a medical crewing team for a NSW Ambulance Rescue Helicopter at Coniston.

In 2002 he then undertook dispatch training before moving to Control. From there he became a Duty Operations Control Officer (DOCO) and then a SOCO.

With grand plans to undertake some slightly less taxing duties to what he is used to while working in control (this includes golf, biking, travel and baking sourdough – a newfound hobby during COVID-19), Craig has complete confidence his replacement will do a stellar job.

“She (Rebecca) has a much softer-side to her than me to be honest,” he said.

“She is lot more tolerant of people and their emotions.”

For Rebecca’s part, she has no intention to retire just yet and is planning to continue to seek advice from her husband if she needs it at any point.

“It’s a very challenging role and you never stop learning, but I’m really keen to give it (SOCO) a go,” she said.

“It will be a shame to not have Craig there because his wealth of knowledge is extraordinary.

“I’m always bouncing ideas and suggestions off him.”

“I think he is on the payroll until September so I’m sure I can still ring him and ask him for advice.”

The couple are currently on holiday, with Rebecca due to commence her new role upon their return.

“It will be a shame to not have Craig there because his wealth of knowledge is extraordinary"