Graduate Paramedic Interns Holly Linnane and Bec Maini.

They are the future of NSW Ambulance and, like those before them, they have grand plans of providing elite-level care to the patients in the communities they now work at.

Last month, 60 Graduate Paramedic Interns completed their five-week induction at State Headquarters in Rozelle.
After completing the induction, the graduates then became eligible to hit the road and begin their careers as paramedics.

One of those is Bec Maini, who will be based at Ettalong Station for the foreseeable future.

“We’ve made lifelong friends (in the induction) and that has definitely helped us to get through,” she said.

“I’m just wanting to get out there and help people. I think our generation is one that is coming in at a good time and can make
a difference.”

Graduate Paramedic Interns celebrate the completion of their five-week induction.
Graduate Paramedic Interns Jarryl Flores and Nick Dutton.

Holly Linnane, who is a former call-taker, is set to learn the ropes of being a paramedic at Ryde Station.

“I’m nervous but I’m also really excited to get out there,” she said.

“The training has been awesome and we’ve had such good educators.”

Following three years at university and the five-week induction, Mitch Read said he was proud to now get his career kick-started.

“It’s been a long road, so it really feels like I’ve accomplished something pretty special,” he said.

Mitch, who is based at Wahroonga Station, said he became a paramedic because he wanted to be “hands on in the community and help people where I can”.

Paramedic Educator Garrick Burgess heaped praise on the large group of Graduate Paramedic Interns he helped oversee during the induction.

“They were very good,” he said.

“They approached it with a positive attitude and were very knowledgeable.”