NSW Ambulance recently celebrated International Control Room Week.

From Dubbo to Wollongong, Sydney to Newcastle, we celebrated the life-saving and life-changing work of our control centres across the state and acknowledged their strength and resilience during the most challenging year in living memory.

Taking place internationally for the third consecutive year, 2020’s International Control Room Week shined a light on the critical role control centre teams performed, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Control centre teams across the globe are key workers and have continued to work throughout the pandemic, taking significantly more calls than usual while continuing to serve and protect the public and deal with serious and distressing incidents on a daily basis.

“International Control Room Week creates a real buzz and our teams love it because it gives them a focus and a lift. It’s very much welcomed and appreciated after some very difficult months and a period of real tragedy. This is a time to recognise the work of control room teams and celebrate what they have achieved,” said A/ Deputy Director Southern Control Centre, Rebecca Wood.