Elizabeth Simeoli NSW Ambulance Employee of the Year 2022
Elizabeth Simeoli received her award at the Honours and Awards Ceremony on 12 December 2022.

Elizabeth Simeoli is the NSW Ambulance Employee of the Year for 2022.

Elizabeth has been widely praised for her efforts in delivering Wellbeing Workshops to around 85 per cent of NSW Ambulance staff despite the interruptions and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elizabeth was was announced as Employee of the Year at the Graduation Honours & Awards ceremony in Sydney on 12 December, where she received her award from Chief Executive Dr Dominic Morgan and G & C Mutual Bank representative Vanessa Tomic.

“I genuinely feel so grateful for this role,” Elizabeth said. “For the Workshop team, for our operational and nonoperational staff who consistently care so much for others, at times to their own detriment.”

Elizabeth says she's privileged to meet thousands of “employees of the year”, who share their personal stories with her week in, week out in Wellbeing Workshops.

“NSW Ambulance is a large complex organisation. At the heart of it are our staff. We have to continue to care for them, care for each other and care for ourselves.

“There are so many support services here at NSW Ambulance. I hope through the workshop, our staff have felt the genuine care and support that those services offer. They are real. I reach out and use the support services – like everyone else. I have good and not so good days, weeks, months.”

"While I have the limelight for one minute, can I please encourage staff who haven’t completed the Wellbeing Workshop yet to enrol as soon as possible."