Emergency Medical Call taker course completers from October 2022
Another 16 trainee emergency medical call takers have begun work in NSW Ambulance Control Centres after successfully completing their five-week induction.

Class CT 22-05 received their Control epaulettes and certificates of completion at a course close ceremony at Gladesville on 13 October.

Five trainees are headed to Northern Control Centre at Charlestown, four to Southern Control at Warilla, six to Sydney Control at Eveleigh and one to Western Control in Dubbo. Two of the course completers were paramedics who are now qualified for shifts as Standby Control Centre Officers.

Acting Director of Control Centres Maxine Puustinen welcomed the class with advice to bring their compassion to the fore in dealing with the Triple Zero (000) callers they were about to encounter.

“One of the key components of being a good call taker is actually understanding the situation for the caller – and providing compassionate advice. It’s the worst day of their life for your callers – whether or not someone’s fallen over in the backyard, someone’s brother or sister has taken an overdose, or someone is having a heart attack – for them this is usually their only contact with NSW Ambulance – and it is the most traumatic worst thing that’s ever happened for them.”

“So how you treat the caller at that time and how they feel about that interaction is something that will stay with them for a very long time,” Maxine said.

Director of Education Mike Richer encouraged the class to get in and own their new roles.

“The next step you take will be important. Your first time in Centre will be challenging. You’ll have good days and bad days. You’ve got support around you. You’ve got your preceptors. You’ve got your Control Centre staff. You’ve got the Education team. All the best and good luck. NSW Ambulance and the community needs you,” Mike said.

Trainee Stefanie thanked educators on behalf of her classmates.

“I can confidently say that we are leaving Gladesville today as highly capable, resilient and confident humans who will have voices that are patient, compassionate and supportive. We are not seen, but believe me, we will be heard.”