The Governor-General of Australia, General the Hon. David Hurley (right) presenting the award to Andrew Ryan.

Superintendent Andrew Ryan was the 2021 recipient of the Australian Rotary Emergency Services Community Awards (RESCA) in a paid capacity, recognising his outstanding and ongoing commitment to the people of NSW.

The Governor-General of Australia, General the Hon. David Hurley presented this award to Andrew at a ceremony at Government House on Monday 15 November 2021.

Years ago, Andrew became dedicated to the idea of providing a permanent round-the-clock rescue helicopter for the Illawarra region,
and, beginning in 1998, he worked for months without pay with a paramedic team to medically man such a helicopter. That helicopter service is now renowned.

Andrew has been involved in the response to many disasters, including the Thredbo Landslide, the New Zealand Earthquake and numerous bushfire emergencies.

Andrew also performed a dangerous night-time helicopter rescue of a family trapped on a roof by floodwaters.

He was also instrumental in the rescue and care of a workmate fatally injured in an accident near Robertson, where he cared for the victim’s family too.

Andrew was one of four NSW Ambulance finalists and won the NSW RESCA in a paid capacity on 14 August 2021 before becoming the overall winner in a paid capacity for 2021.