NSW Ambulance Legacy provides an inclusive and supportive network and services for former employees who become members.

NSW Ambulance Legacy recognises and celebrates the strong bonds forged by employees over the course of their careers, and organises events to enable members to maintain their social connections with each other.

Members are based in metropolitan and regional locations across the State.

Member benefits

NSW Ambulance Legacy members receive the following benefits:

  • Invitations to NSW Ambulance Legacy events (metro and regional)
  • Ongoing access to Peer Support and Chaplaincy services
  • Subscription to Sirens, the NSW Ambulance employee magazine
  • ‘Member update’ emails.

Become a member

Members of the NSW Ambulance at the Legacy Launch.

NSW Ambulance Legacy members join a ‘family’ of peers who share and maintain connections with one another and NSW Ambulance.

Online applications

Complete the online NSW Ambulance Legacy Membership Form.

Mail applications

Complete the NSW Ambulance Legacy Membership Form (PDF, 230.3 KB), and return it to:

NSW Ambulance Legacy
Locked Bag 105
NSW 2039

When should I join?

All former employees are encouraged to join NSW Ambulance Legacy at any time. You are always welcome to connect or reconnect with your community.

Members range from people who recently concluded employment with NSW Ambulance, to those who retired or moved on to other opportunities many years ago.

Staying connected

Have your contact details changed? Stay connected to NSW Ambulance Legacy by providing your current details:

02 9320 7843

Make contact via email.

NSW Ambulance Legacy
Locked Bag 105
NSW 2039

NSW Ambulance Legacy Facebook community

Join the NSW Ambulance Legacy Facebook group to connect with your member community, and receive updates about the program. All past employees of NSW Ambulance are welcome to join the group.

Your request to join the page will be reviewed by the group administrator, and approved if you are a former employee of NSW Ambulance.

Gary Raymond

Member voices

Chief Inspector Gary Raymond, APM, OAM (Retired)

“I loved my time as an ‘ambo’ and still wish to stay connected to the ambo family. NSW Ambulance Legacy has given me the opportunity to share those memories with my retired and former ambo mates.

We all have many ‘trophies on the mantle-piece’ of our past ambulance work. NSW Ambulance Legacy gives us the opportunity to recall these memories, feel proud of them, and know that we have contributed life-saving work to the community over many years.

If we find ourselves doing it tough emotionally, physically or spiritually, mateship and good confidential support is also available through NSW Ambulance Legacy. These challenges are not meant to be faced alone.

For those curious about membership: we get involved in social events, cake and coffee, history lessons and excursions. These activities keep us up-to-date with the latest equipment, technology, medical treatments at NSW Ambulance. It feels good to have this connection, even when the lights and sirens are no longer used by us.

As members of NSW Ambulance Legacy, we can play a big part in passing down our history to the next generation of paramedics.”

A word of thanks

NSW Ambulance respectfully acknowledges the contributions and service of all former and current employees.

Further information

NSW Ambulance Legacy Constitution (PDF, 1164KB)