NSW Ambulance receives thousands of calls each day for assistance. On occasion, individuals or groups display extraordinary courage, conduct or service in emergency medical situations.

We take great pride in formally recognising the important and often selfless contributions of both community members and employees.

The Honours & Awards Manual (PDF, 3814.04 KB) details the types of formal recognition that employees and community members can be eligible for.

NSW Ambulance Awards

NSW Ambulance places great importance on recognising the service and contributions of our people. Exemplary contribution is acknowledged across the following range of achievements:

  • NSW Ambulance Employee Honours and Awards, in recognition of: service, courage, and interstate or international deployment.
  • NSW Ambulance Awards for Employee Service recognise, in recognition of: long service, good conduct, employee performance and safety.

External Service Awards

External service awards are the highest form of recognition an employee of the public sector can receive. Many of these State and Federal awards have a rich legacy, developed over decades of excellence.

External Service Awards for NSW Ambulance Employees:

  • Excellence in Public Sector Management
  • Premiers Public Sector Awards
  • NSW Health Innovation Awards
  • Council of Ambulance Authorities Awards
  • Australian Safer Community Awards

External Service Awards for Organisational and Team Achievements:

  • Australian Honours: National Medal
  • Australian Honours: Meritorious Decoration – Public Service Medal (PSM)
  • Australian Honours: Meritorious Decoration - Ambulance Service Medal (ASM)
  • The NSW Service Medallion - 40 years meritorious state government service

Community awards recognise exemplary acts or contributions by members of the public. It is with gratitude that we acknowledge the actions of community members in emergency medical situations.

Commendation for Courage (Community)Awarded to a community member for acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances.
Citation for Courage (Community)Awarded to an individual community member or group, who under hazardous circumstances, individually or collectively displayed courage of a high order beyond that of expectation, while consciously placing themselves at substantial risk of injury.
Certificate of Recognition (Community)An act or contribution worthy of recognition.
Certificate of Appreciation (Community)Assisting NSW Ambulance in any manner that benefits service delivery.
Star Award CertificateA child (up to 16 years) who calls Triple Zero (000) in a medical emergency.
Cardiac Arrest Survivor AwardAny patient who has survived a cardiac arrest following the intervention of NSW Ambulance paramedics.
Cardiac Arrest Saviour AwardA member of the public or a group who has provided life-saving efforts to cardiac arrest patients including spouse and relatives.
Bearamedic keepsake teddy bearBearamedic is presented concurrent to any other award being given to a child 16 years and under and may be made by NSW Ambulance representative.

How to recognise outstanding courage, conduct or service

Members of the public can provide compliments or share stories about NSW Ambulance employees and members of the community, via the Leave a Compliment  page.

Submissions may be considered for formal recognition through the NSW Ambulance Honours & Awards Program.

Courage, conduct, service

Learn about the kinds of service, courage and conduct that award recipients have been recognised for.

Lisa Elmas, Aaron McNeil and Rianna Xu – Citation for Courage – Community
Aaron and Rianna witnessed a two-car motor vehicle crash. They provided immediate assistance to two injured rear seat passengers of one vehicle. Lisa entered the rear of the burning vehicle to cut the seatbelt of one of the injured patients and removed her from the wreckage. Aaron and Rianna commenced treatment of the injured patients prior to NSW Ambulance arrival.

Brett Tinker – Ambulance Service Medal
During Brett Tinker’s 20 years of service, he has been an instrumental in integrating the Patient Flow Team to the wider health community, supporting health relationship managers. As the Manager Patient Flow Unit, Brett was key in the transition to the Transfer of Care key performance indicators - responsibilities shared between NSW Ambulance and Health - returning countless hours of Emergency Ambulance availability back to the community to respond to Triple Zero (000) calls.