Non-English speakers - Calling an Ambulance program

Our culturally diverse background represented by a section of NSW Ambulance staff.

This learning resource was developed through a partnership between the NSW Adult Migrant English Service (NSW AMES) and the Ambulance Service of New South Wales.

The Calling an Ambulance resource aims to equip people from non-English speaking backgrounds with the skills and confidence to call Triple Zero (000) in a medical emergency.

The activities in the resource are based on authentic Triple Zero (000) phone calls and NSW Ambulance information. They are aligned to learning outcomes in the Certificates I, II & III in Spoken and Written English (NSW AMES 2007).

Specifically, the resource covers topics such as:

  • Knowing the Triple Zero (000) emergency number
  • When and how to call Triple Zero (000) in a medical emergency
  • Understanding the questions that will be asked by NSW Ambulance call takers
  • How to answer these questions to ensure you are provided with the most appropriate NSW Ambulance response
  • Preparing for the arrival of an ambulance

Copies of the resource can be made free of charge but NO changes must be made to the content.