As the Easter holiday period approaches (10th April 2020 – 13th April 2020), early identification and completion of NSW Ambulance Authorised Care Plans will enable Paramedics to respond by providing care that is included in the patient’s plan. The cut-off date for processing plans that may be required during this period is Friday 3rd April.

Endorsed NSW Ambulance Authorised Care Plans enable paramedics to provide individualised patient care.

In order to deliver this care within the scope of NSW Ambulance paramedic practice, clear and specific treatment directions are required.

An Authorised Care Plan allows General Practitioners (GPs) and Specialist Service providers to provide direction for patient treatment by NSW Ambulance paramedics. Authorised Care Plans can be completed by a Nurse Practitioner (within their scope of practice). Resuscitation or CPR orders must be signed off by a medical practitioner.

Putting patient safety first

Medical Orders and all other parts of an Authorised Care Plan must be completed fully and correctly for the form to be approved.

This is vital to the delivery of patient care. If you have a question about completing the form, please refer to the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Authorised General Care Plans

Complete an Authorised General Care Plan for patients with disabilities or medical conditions requiring:

  • Treatment outside the paramedic’s scope of practice.
  • Medical transport for management of the disability or medical condition.
Authorised General Care Plans

Authorised General Care Plan - Adult (PDF, 564.04 KB)

Authorised General Care Plan - Paediatric (PDF, 642.06 KB)

Authorised Palliative Care Plans

Complete an Authorised Palliative Care Plan for patients with a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness.

This form provides the clinician with the opportunity to:

  • Document resuscitation plans.
  • Prescribe treatment for specific symptoms.
  • Guide where the patient should be admitted if care at home becomes difficult (providing there is a bed available) and how the paramedic can negotiate direct admission preventing unplanned, unwanted presentation to the nearest ED.
  • Inform the paramedics the details of the medical practitioner who has agreed to complete the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death in the instance where the paramedics have completed the Verification of Death procedure.
  • Contact numbers of services involved in the patients care to facilitate communication with the known service providers.
Authorised Palliative Care Plans

Authorised Palliative Care Plan - Adult (PDF, 1061.45 KB)

Authorised Palliative Care Plan - Paediatric (PDF, 995.19 KB)

Further information


To return a completed form, or for questions about completing the form:

Make an enquiry via email

NSW Ambulance Headquarters
Locked Bag 105
NSW 2039

(02) 9320 7380