First steps program

Pre-school children - Emergency Helpers Program

A campaign to assist new parents in a medical emergency

The First Steps campaign is an emergency phone card that outlines information required by ambulance call takers so that the most appropriate response can be taken to your emergency. It also gives parents and carers the information they need to give to attending Paramedics.

Calling Triple Zero (000) is the one phone call parents hope never to have to make. NSW Ambulance has developed a resource to help ease parents anxiety in a medical emergency.

Program resource(s)

Download copies of the resource associated with this campaign listed below.

Primary School Students


It is important that every person understands how and when to call for emergency services, regardless of age.

Early childhood settings provide the perfect platform for important educational messages and provide a safe learning environment for children to understand these messages. It is often the case that children are responsible for dialling Triple Zero (000) in an emergency and become solely responsible for directing the ambulance.

NSW Ambulance has a range of programs that aim to prepare children for emergency situations, including booklets for educators and games.  For example, the Emergency Helpers Program aims to prepare children between the ages of 3-5 years. This free electronic program includes the following program lessons:

  • How to identify an emergency service worker
  • The number to call in an emergency
  • The importance of learning your home address

NSW Ambulance’s Bearamedic is another way that children are engaged.  Aimed at children under 10 years, Bearamedic helps teach life-saving skills at an early age.

Program resource(s)

Download copies of the resource(s) associated with this campaign listed below.

Emergency Helpers Teacher Resource Booklet

Memory card game

Emergency Helper Flashcards

Triple Zero Kid's Challenge Game

The Triple Zero Kids Challenge is an online game aimed at primary school students. It consists of twelve safety scenarios that educate children about how to cope in an emergency, and the appropriate use of Triple Zero, Australia’s emergency call service.

High School Students

NSW Ambulance also targets high school students through a range of road safety and driver safety programs.

NSW Ambulance participates in the bstreetsmart program in collaboration with Westmead Hospital and Western Sydney Local Health District.  This program reaches approximately 25,000 students in Years 10, 11 and 12 over three days.

NSW Ambulance provides an interactive display that gives up to date information for young drivers, passengers and pedestrians on road safety, as well as strategies for avoiding serious injury and death.