Photo of NSW Ambulance Vision & Strategic Plan cover

Vision and Strategic Plan

The NSW Ambulance Vision and Strategic Plan 2021–2026 (PDF, 3044.54 KB) link directly to those of NSW Health and build on the foundations laid by the NSW Ambulance Strategic Priorities 2018–2019 (PDF, 3128.63 KB)

For 2021–26, the five Strategic Priorities are:

  1. Our Organisation
    Ensure we have a fit-for-purpose, sustainable organisation that supports our people to be engaged.
  2. Our Services
    Revolutionise the way we respond to emergency calls in order to provide a health pathway that best meets patient needs in a clinically appropriate timeframe and manages demand proactively, while embracing the compassionate, high quality care we are known for.
  3. Our Stakeholders and Partners
    Create a better connected referral system, to continue to tailor our care in partnership with our communities and establish shared data to enable early access to patient information.
  4. Our Resources
    Embed a multi-disciplinary system of emergency medical services in a managed, structured manner.

Other Corporate Publications


The following Frameworks identify the governance principles and practices that drive and support NSW Ambulance operations.

OUT-OF-HOSPITAL Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) is a recognised public health problem worldwide and survival rates from ambulance-attended OHCA are generally low.

There is a great deal of variation in survival rates from OHCA between, and within, countries. Measuring and reporting on OHCA survival rates is an indicator of the quality of clinical care provided by ambulance services. NSW Ambulance developed its Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest Registry as a clinical quality initiative. The Registry contains cases attended by NSW Ambulance clinicians starting from 1 January 2017.

The 2019 report is available for download. This is the third report from the NSW Ambulance Cardiac Arrest Registry.

NSW Health Annual Report

The Annual Report outlines the functions and activities of NSW Health over the financial year, including those of NSW Ambulance. You can find the current Annual Report, along with previous reports, on the NSW Health website.

Bureau of Health Information reports provide independent information about the performance of the public healthcare system in NSW. A report is released every three months, and provides information on NSW Ambulance activity and performance.

The Report on Government Services (ROGs) provides information on the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of government services in Australia. The report is released annually and provides information on NSW Ambulance activity and performance compared to other states.

Patient Experience

NSW Ambulance participates in The Council of Ambulance Authorities’ Patient Experience Survey. The Survey reports on service quality and satisfaction ratings of ambulance service patients across Australia.

Clinical Performance

NSW Ambulance reports on clinical performance, monthly. View the latest Clinical Performance Key Performance Indicators (PDF, 210.14 KB).