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Workplace injuries are a surprisingly common occurrence across NSW, with over 30,000 injuries reported each year which resulted in someone being off work for five or more days. Given that this figure is limited to reported injuries only, it comes as no surprise to learn that Paramedics attend to even more workplace injuries on an annual basis.

NSW Ambulance has launched a campaign supported by WorkCover to address this issue, which potentially affects hundreds of employees on a daily basis.

The 'Access for Life' workplace awareness campaign has been rolled out across the state. The campaign informs NSW workplaces of the appropriate steps to take when faced with a medical emergency at work.

There are several variables which ambulance has taken into account throughout the development of the campaign, including:

Workplace injuries in NSW are at their lowest level in more than 20 years, but they still happen if safe work procedures are not followed. Workplace incidents can be eliminated or minimised, but everyone - workers and employers - must take responsibility to make sure they are effective.

Each workplace is different and requires a unique OHS strategy to ensure that the risks are identified and addressed. There is no ‘blanket approach' to workplace safety: what works in a high rise office will clearly not be appropriate for an outdoor workplace, such as a construction site.

Preparation is vital when responding to an emergency. Preparation can significantly assist in the event of a workplace medical emergency, such as being aware of your exact workplace location when dialling Triple Zero (000) and familiarising all employees with questions likely to be asked by Ambulance Call Takers.

In recognising these key variables, NSW Ambulance has devised a unique campaign to inform employees across NSW as to the most appropriate emergency response for their particular workplace.

The campaign, which includes a Medical Emergency Plan Poster is now available to workplaces across NSW and outlines key information to adhere to in the event of a medical emergency:

The campaign seeks to:

  • Prepare employees for a Triple Zero (000) phone call, citing questions that ambulance call takers are likely to ask in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Encourage employees to call Triple Zero (000) and request an ambulance when confronted with a medical emergency at work.
  • Inform employees of key steps that can be taken prior to the arrival of an ambulance, steps which will assist paramedics to safely access and treat the patient in the shortest timeframe possible.

The Medical Emergency Plan Poster (PDF, 119.6 KB) is a free resource which has been distributed to all WorkCover registered businesses throughout NSW.


When it comes to your health or the health of someone you know, there are usually clear signs if the person is seriously ill and needs emergency care.

You should seek immediate medical attention by dialing ‘000’ and ask for AMBULANCE.

This is a free call any time of the day or night.

Here is your at home Signs and Symptoms Referral Guide (PDF, 266.55 KB)

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