Organising an Event

Are you organising a major event attracting large numbers of people?

Paramedics at an event

Are you organising a major event such as a sporting event, large conference, film release, major outdoor concert or other event attracting large numbers of people? The organiser/promoter has a duty of care to supply a safe event and venue to the public and/or participants. This may include the provision of ambulance personnel. For further information, download the Responsibility of Event Organisers FAQs (PDF, 80.82 KB).

For information on charges, download the Fact Sheet - Sporting Events User Charges (PDF, 98.9 KB).

Do you wish to involve NSW Ambulance in a media, community or public relations event?

NSW Ambulance is always keen to participate in media, community and public relation events that promote our health awareness messages and the good work of paramedics, safe driving campaigns, child births and cardiac arrest reversions to name a few.

NSW Ambulance Marketing and Communications provides the link between the community and paramedics and coordinates our involvement in media events and opportunities. If you are arranging a community event or promoting a story of public interest or safety and health message, please contact NSW Ambulance Marketing and Communications.

Ensure you include the following information:

  • Time, date and location of your event
  • Brief overview of the event
  • Name and contact numbers of all relevant participants including event organisers or sponsors.

Our Marketing and Communications unit is the link between the community and our frontline staff.

Please outline your event (organisers, dates, purpose, etc) and how it will support the activities of NSW Ambulance by sending an email.

Do you wish to hire an Ambulance, equipment or paramedics for filming in a movie, television commercial or documentary?

Charges apply to any individual or organisation wishing to hire an ambulance vehicle, paramedics, equipment or Ambulance property. Prior approval of script content and use of NSW Ambulance property is required. NSW Ambulance reserves the right to decline any request.