Research staff promote and enable a culture of evidence-based practice within NSW Ambulance to assist the organisation deliver 'excellence in care'.

The Research team at NSW Ambulance engages in research and other related activities to inform organisational clinical and operational decisions that support the delivery of excellence in emergency and community care for the NSW population.

Research's vision is encapsulated in the term evidence for excellence in care, and this forms the cornerstone of all activities undertaken by the team.

Research has three core functions:

  1. Knowledge generation:
    1. Conduct rigorous epidemiological research with findings that can be applied to NSW Ambulance practice;
    2. Conduct rigorous clinical research with findings that are relevant to NSW Ambulance practice and may also be transferable across many national and international jurisdictions.
  2. Knowledge application:
    1. Seek, synthesise, sort and summarise evidence, to inform clinical policy.
  3. Research governance:
    1. Provide governance oversight for all internally conducted research;
      Facilitate and assist external researchers to conduct studies at NSW Ambulance, where appropriate.

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