NSW Ambulance brings you a new monthly series called the Two of Us, featuring two people in the service who are connected in various ways. This month we bring you sisters Lindsay and Rebecca, who both work at our Sydney Control Centre.

Two of Us January 2021

When did you join NSW Ambulance?

Lindsay: 31 March 2008.

Rebecca: 21 September 2009.

What roles have you had while at NSW Ambulance?

Lindsay: Control Centre Assistant, Communications Team Leader and Control Centre Officer.

Rebecca: Control Centre Assistant, Quality Support Coordinator and Communications Team Leader.

What made you decide to join?

Lindsay: Someone I know works here and suggested I apply. I was between jobs so the shift work and penalty rates were very appealing.

Rebecca: My sister was already in the job and loved it. She would come home and debrief with me about interesting or difficult calls she had taken that day, and I thought that sounds like something I could do too. Plus the shift work was a bonus. Our Mum was so proud that we worked together.

What's the most important skill you've gained from NSW Ambulance?

Lindsay: How to multitask and stay calm in a high stress and fast paced environment.

Rebecca: How to communicate with people who are sometimes experiencing their most traumatic moment of their lives, how to keep them calm by staying calm myself in order to help someone in need.

Is there a favourite experience that has stuck with you?

Lindsay: There’s been so many experiences I’ve shared with the amazing people I work with. I’m just very thankful for the camaraderie and lifelong friendships I have created.

Rebecca: I think every shift I experience something amazing, be it assisting with the delivery of a baby, or being able to be with someone in their final moments of life, even though it’s over the phone. Every minute of every shift you never know what you will be dealing with, it’s so dynamic, and some cases just stay with your forever.

Has the job taught you any life lessons?

Lindsay: I was 21 when I started in control so it has definitely helped me mature. The job itself has taught me how to make quick decisions and be more confident in those decisions and ultimately everyday life.

Rebecca: Life can be over in a flash, so don't sweat the small stuff and the things that we cannot change the outcome of.

What’s it like working alongside your sister?

Lindsay: It’s really nice. Although we are trained in different roles it’s nice to be able to ask her advice with not only kids and personal stuff but also professionally.

Rebecca: She is the only one from my family who truly understands what we deal with each shift. I can debrief with her and discuss cases with her that no-one else understands. We think the same way and it’s great when we work together. I admire how she handles her role with such ease. I love working with her, it’s also the only time we get to really catch up without our kids!

This story appears in the January 2021 edition of NSW Ambulance's internal magazine, Sirens.