Kyle and Jackie O brought back their incredible 'Triple Zero Heroes' segment, which pays tribute to the unsung heroes who take our emergency calls as they play back audio from real life incidents.


Heather was mowing the lawn and, and somehow managed to disturbed a snake, which at the time she thought had bitten her... so as an aussie would - she then attacked it with the lawn mower. When asked by the call taker what kind of snake it was, she had a laugh said she wasn’t sure as it was in lots of little pieces on the lawn, could be black, could be brown - who knows?

With the guidance of Katherine, Heather stayed calm and was scrounging around for something suitable to wrap the leg in. The nature was quite serious, her personality was such that she just took it in her stride and waited for the paramedics to arrive.

Always remember: In an emergency, dial Triple Zero (000).

Now listen to the audio clip.

*Image used is not of the call taker on the (000) call.