Parents Chris Brophy and Jessica Moore knew the due date for their second child was approaching, but they didn't think the birth would take place in their living room.

Thankfully, they had the calming voice of Triple Zero (000) call-taker Marissa Swales on the other end of the phone, methodically talking them through every step of the delivery.

This week, Marissa and the Sydney family were reunited live on air during a heartwarming segment on Studio 10.

Dad Chris was overcome with emotion meeting Marissa.

“It just brings it all home. Childbirth is an amazing thing and to actually have been there and been a big part of it, and to obviously have someone support it as Marissa did, was fantastic,” Chris said.

For Marissa, who was also celebrating her two year anniversary as a call-taker with NSW Ambulance on the day of the reunion, the admiration was mutual.

“It’s definitely surreal seeing the baby and the voice on the other end of the phone,” Marissa said.

“Chris was amazing – one of the most calm and compliant calls I’ve ever had, and it made the delivery so much easier that he listened to every instruction I gave and he didn’t freak out at all.”

A whirlwind event, Chris and Jess called Triple Zero (000) at 4:27am and baby Edie Rose was born at 4:39am. Minutes later, paramedics arrived at the door.

The special reunion allowed the family to express their gratitude to Marissa in person for her assistance during those life-changing 12 minutes.

“I was just excited to say thank you,” Jess said.

With only two years on the job, Marissa has already helped deliver eight babies over the phone.